Steve Carter W/ Carter Young, Inc.

About Carter Young, Inc. - We bring a breadth of experience and range of solutions to the recovery of delinquent accounts receivable. Carter-Young has been looking after the interests of both creditors and consumers for nearly 20 years and we can help collect your past-due accounts. We place great emphasis on compliance and strive to collect the "right way" by employing top-notch collection training and knowledge retention programs. We employ assets that have worked "on the ground" in several industries we represent. The nuances of student housing, multi-family and medical, just to name a few, are not concepts to us, but real-life experiences. Why Carter-Young? - We are a revenue recovery provider that believes service comes first. We serve our associates, our clients and your customers with exceptional care. Our hard work, along with mutual respect and strong relationships, has proven that success can come naturally.

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